Online casino Pitch your money to success with 6 ladders

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Have you ever wondered if Why does a group of people play at online casino? But why does a group of people earn money from playing? Playing at the casino is easy. But making money by playing is difficult. In spite of everyone playing ufabet on the same rules and regulations, they have the same basic knowledge and techniques. 

What made these people victors wasn’t that they were better than others. It is because he knows how to reduce risks and increase his own advantage. Thus making him successful in playing there. 6 steps to making money from the casino. Therefore, it brings together guidelines for the practice of investors who call themselves winners. Let us study it. 

1. Online Casinos Know him, know, we fight 100 times, win 100 times

The first key to making money from online casino is that you have to be able to assess yourself what type of player you are, for example, aggressive, hot-headed, enterprising players. or a sticky player who like to wait patiently for an opportunity It is like a tiger that spends all day watching over its prey. From various factors These will be key elements in your game plan. What kind of games are you suitable for? how? there

2. Understand the casino risks of each type of online casino gambling

There are dozens of different types of betting games on the website. But classified into online casino games with 3 levels of risk, namely

2.1 games with high risk, low stakes There is the attraction of playing with payouts that are many times higher than the stakes such as slots, video games. This includes placing the jackpot on the casino table. With high payouts ranging from 10-30 times, there are

2.2 betting games available. Medium risk is a game played by most investors in casinos. Popular bets there. Usually there is a payout ratio of 1 to 1 or 1 to 0.95 depending on the nature of playing in that game such as Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Blackjack, Tiger-Dragon, etc. If Raymond In detail, this game will be a direct battle of the player and the dealer.

2.3 Games withLess risk is a game with a payout rate lower than the bet amount, which we normally find in sports betting, losing more. However, chipping in some online casino games can cause players to lose. Has an advantage in the form of placing bets more than reducing the risk of losing, such as walking the chip in 2 ways in playing favorites and favorite zones in roulette, etc.

3. Choose a game cassette where you have a chance to win

Have you ever heard the saying that choosing the wrong game can change your life? Online Casino are like games for adults who are popular for their excitement and excitement. The higher the stakes, the higher the stakes. The more the air, the more the blood was pumping. Therefore, people who are professional gamblers tend to use their own feelings in gambling as the main. without planning and setting goals to win Therefore, choosing a game for betting should not have emotions and feelings involved. But choose a game that is suitable for your playing personality, for example,

if you are a fierce, enterprising player. You shouldn’t play high-risk games. and have a low chance of winning But choose less risky games. And tightened to prevent the risk of getting hot from losing the bet itself. 

4. Know deeply, know exactly what you are betting on

On the gambling table is a real bet, real pain, not based on fiction. Every bet is based on the principle of probability. Still need to use the principles of accurate analytical thinking. All of which did not come by luck. But it comes with most of the learning and practice experience. for example I’ve discovered that I can often earn money playing roulette. Because it is suitable for one’s own character who likes to watch the game and place bets when we have a certain level of confidence. So I studied various roulette money making

formulas such as – Red and Black money making formulas –
Numeric money
making formulas – Row and zone
money making formulas – 0 bet money making formulas

In which each play must use a method to assess the wind direction from various statistics, such as 10 short stick statistics, 30 long stick statistics, to determine how to play each time to suit different situations Do not study how to play only one formula. and then adhere to the principle of playing fixed But study the various methods of playing so that you can adapt them accordingly. With this comprehensive playing technique, you can definitely increase your chances of making money playing various games.

5. Plan your finances carefully.

Financial discipline is evaluating one’s lap. and set goals to reach the shore accordingly Usually the target should not be more than one third or half of the capital. depending on the playing personality and your financial path which is the main principle that most of the teacher gamblers choose to use And the real result is to divide the money into 3 parts as follows

– Part 1 is normal bet money to play according to the guidelines that have been studied in detail

– Part 2 is money to play to relieve stress that may occur during gambling It’s all about splitting some of your money into playing high payout bonus games to get your blood pumping. such as playing bonuses in Baccarat with payout rates of up to 1-30, etc. However, the player must analyze the direction of the results and know the escape route of playing as well to increase the chances of winning. 

– Part 3  is Emergency money in a critical situation You will still have the final money to resolve the situation. 

This financial planning must be consistent with your own income and lifestyle. What is the difference between a professional gambler? with people who are professional gamblers is financial discipline that you will have to be completely separated from life If gambling is your breath

You need to have a detailed monthly, weekly and daily game plan. You need to know how much money you can spend on this excitement in a month. And then distribute the money out of how much you can bet in a day, etc. This method can give you money to play every day without having to encroach on your money in everyday life. 

6. Stay within the target range

First of all, most investors need to understand that in the world of gambling, uncertainty can happen every second. Unless you have strong financial discipline. Discipline in playing must also be consistent. for example Some investors target but does not specify a time frame Therefore, when reaching the goal, do not stop, use your own feelings in playing as the main He thought that his hand had risen to the point that he could not stop dragging an elephant. Until finally, in addition to losing the goal of playing also lost the funds that he had Or spread to reserves because of the sudden mood, it is often seen as an example.

Therefore, professional gamblers will stick to their main goals. and has a very high playing discipline Most of the successful gamblers control their play with a system they call “short clubs”, that is, looking at the wind direction from various playing statistics. and determine how to play each time according to the situation of the game Sometimes they can achieve their goals in a single stick. Or if they make a mistake, they will still be able to use the reserves allocated to correct the situation appropriately, for example.

Playing in a casino is like fighting on the battlefield. with many minor battles There will be a win and loss result, mixed with each other. When the goals set, various missions have been accomplished. You must learn to stop and spend time on the rewards And on the day you lose You have to accept defeat as Because it was only one defeat that could happen. Playing at a casino is like any other type of investment. The only people who can succeed in investing are those who learn from defeat. and set up a foothold to return to the path of the winner as quickly as possible