Lescott entrusts Foden Joker to lead Atletico Madrid Destroyer

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BT Sport analyst Joleon Lescott say the key to Manchester City’s 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid. In the Champions League quarter-final first leg yesterday is playing. It’s Phil Foden, the assist maker.

Foden spent 80 seconds. When being sent as a substitute. Dribble four players ‘ Bear ‘ in front of the left frame and pierce through for Kevin De Bruyne to run. Cut diagonally across the net in the 70th minute.

The 21 -year -old’s influence on the game was so evident. That Lescott hailed him as the best English player of all time if he continued to improve in this way.

That Lescott hailed him as the best English player of all time if he continued to improve in this way.

” Phil Foden is a Manchester City footballer. And I know how much playing for the ufabet club means to him, ” Lescott opened his mouth.

“ If he can continue his performance according to this standard. Will be able to become the best English player of all time with 2 trophies in hand per year . ” 

“ That guy’s heart and soul makes him different from the others. ” 

“ If you compare him to someone, for example. Wayne Rooney will see a player. Who is in a lot of pain. When they don’t win games. He was obsessed with victory. And that’s what good players need. ” 

“ You have to keep the ball out of the hotel. Because otherwise he would practice firmly there. He wants to develop his work all the time. ” 

For the English Premier League game , the important match against Liverpool on the weekend (10 April ). The former Manchester City defender cheer Foden into the real

“ Phil Foden has influence on the pitch. And now it shows up in many big games. That guy should have started on Sunday – that’s my opinion as to why he didn’t start yesterday. ” 

Foden has assisted in the Champions League with a total of 7 goals. Which in the history of the English club only Cesc Fabregas, the former Arsenal player. That is a player under 21 years old. Enter to score more goals for the teammate (10 goals ).