“Konate” complained to Trent, but I got more tired

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Ibrahima Konate, Liverpool defender, would like to vent the difficulty in the new 3-2-2-3 playing system, despite creating a name for the teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold. Birth again But for those who close the gold behind the monks like him. He is many times more tire without credit.

Manager Jurgen Klopp has implemente a new strategy after swaying from Manchester City, turning ‘TAA‘ from right-back into a hybrid player who can play as a midfield duo. #6 Offensive game set time 

The form of the 24-year-old footballer has clearly improved with 6 assists. As well as the team having a series of results for the first 5 consecutive matches of the season. 

However, the back three had to be more exhausting having to be active for the whole 90 minutes. Especially right stopper ‘Konate’ being test the whole game when having to keep more space on the right flank. In addition, when setting the ball to attack, you have to wait to set up again. 

“It is true that there is more work to be done. That means now after the game we’re even more tired!”

“But I’m happy whenever I fight for the team. Conducive to us to have good competitive results. If I have to, I’m willing to sacrifice myself in everything.” 

“This system, giving Trent a more attacking midfielder, is the key to success. throughout the last few years.”

“It’s important for Trent to be more involved in the top half. Because of the quality he has in the game.

“We all know how sharp the ball through that guy is. Dare to be the top number in the world I think it gives us the opportunity to get more water and meat at the door.” 

Since April 9 , Trent has averaged 1 assist per game , 2.5 chances created per game , 45.2 % of his passes completed and 112/3 touches per game . _ _ _